A Poem about Virtual Schooling

This poem was inspired by an article about the life of a virtual classroom teacher and by Jonathan Franzen’s op ed in the New York Times.

Student/Teacher Lament: Online Learning

I miss your face,

I miss the wrinkles that tell me you’re older than me,

Or prove it anyway, I miss the rolling of your eyes beneath

The furrowed brow as we say the pledge of allegiance.

I miss you and your asking me a question because you see

Me slacking in the corner of the room

You decorated with movie posters and origami cranes

I miss your room.


I miss your face,

The face that makes me know I have to be on my toes

Because of the mischievous grin that always lurks just

Below the surface as you recite the Gettysburg Address

I miss you and your questions that distract from the

Assigned work on the corner of the desk

You inscribed with initials and swirls.

I miss your desk.


And the other things missed are funny things like

Church bells and reggaeton, a palpable mood,

Sandalwood, and birthday wishes,

A surprising rearrangement of chairs, a hug, a shrug,

And a pat on the back, a new piercing, a stolen smile,

Acceptance, and the blooming of love.

Dare I say it? Dare I say that love had dominion?

And that I miss non-virtual love?


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